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What I eat in a day: plant based

Sometimes, it’s hard to get yourself to eat or cook because you’re stuck for ideas or time. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s everything I ate and drank today as a vegetarian.

This morning, I had some lovely oatmeal made with blueberries + bananas. I topped it off with some dark chocolate, hemp seeds, and a bit of honey. I didn’t get to add cinnamon because I

don’t have any, but I’d recommend adding some! I also had a glass of iced coffee (leftover from yesterday’s hot coffee) and a glass of water. Some other vegetarian breakfast ideas, if you’re stuck, could be an egg and toast, scrambled eggs + veggies, or a smoothie if you aren’t a big eater in the morning.

After breakfast I did some work and prepared a snack before a workshop I had at 12:30. I snacked on a pickle, cheese stick, cashews, carrots and hummus. No, I’m not pregnant and I’d appreciate if people would stop asking me that when I choose to snack on a pickle.

I finished up my workshop at 2 and went for a run. I came back and made a bowl, my go-to vegetarian meal because they’re quite versatile. This one had a layer of kale, couscous, sweet potatoes and chickpeas (left over from dinner the other night), a fried egg, and some hummus with a glass of pineapple/mango juice. I’ve made others with rice, spinach, impossible meat, tofu, mushrooms, brussel sprouts... you can throw almost anything in there.

I often forget to eat dinner until it gets late, but not tonight! Tonight I made myself a grilled cheese with stove roasted mushrooms and a small bowl of tomato soup. A comforting and filling dinner for a chilly night.

Lastly, dessert. I have a huge sweet tooth but don’t have much sweetness to indulge in, like brownies or cookies. So I opted for some dark chocolate, the remainder of my banana from this morning’s oatmeal, and some peanut butter.

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