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My go-to podcasts and playlists

It’s easy to listen to the same thing all the time or to music all the time because it’s often mindless. While I love to listen to my music, because I find comforting and calming, I try to throw in some podcasts to keep my brain active and motivated. Here’s my top playlists for when you want to be comforted by your music and my top podcasts to activate your brain.

First of all, I’d like to applaud Spotify for its playlists. When they say curated for you, they mean curated for you. They do not mess around. If you don’t know already, some of the recommended playlists shown to you are slightly altered to your music taste and listen so you usually won’t have a playlist that’s exactly the same as your friends. Which is so cool!!

Here’s a lit of my favorite playlists on Spotify:

  • Grade A- I usually go here when I’m looking for songs I’ve likely not heard before

  • Totally Stress Free- This one is a mix of songs I often listen to and songs I’ve never heard meant to be relaxing and upbeat

  • Barefoot in the Park- as Spotify describes, “Soft indie to give you that special feeling.” Give it to me, please and thank you

  • pumpkin spice- My perfect playlist to give me all the fuzzy, fall feelings. My dad is also a fan.

  • wanderlust- gives you that wanderlust feeling, as the title describes

  • OWNED BY TAYLOR SWIFT (made by sarah grace)- Do I have to explain this one?

Here’s my list of podcasts I listen to on Spotify:

  • The Daily by The New York Times- A new one comes out every weekday by 6 a.m. and they go into one story for about 20 minutes, then finish off the episode with other things happening that day

  • Exactly. With Florence Given- This podcast only started this past month, so not many episodes yet. BUT the first one was fantastic and I’ve read Given’s book, Women Don’t Owe You Pretty, and loved it. So I’m very excited to see what she does with this podcast. She writes that it will be going into the topics of sex, social media, feminism, relationships, and body image.

  • Note to Self by Payton Sartain- This podcast feels like a conversation with an older sister or your favorite cousin who’s got her shit figured out and sharing it with you. There’s a bunch of advice and little pockets of wisdom throughout her episodes, but it doesn’t feel like you’re attending a formal TedTalk.

  • Growing With The Flow by Nayna Florence- This is another podcast that feels like a conversation. First of all, Florence’s voice and accent is so soothing. Second, she has a beautiful outlook on life and it’s nice to hear her talk about navigating life.

These are my favorite playlists and podcasts that are on repeat everyday. I’d highly recommend these to anyone, especially the podcasts. I’d also love to know what podcasts you think are worth listening to! Share some in the comments.

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