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Waking up earlier and becoming a morning person

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

I am a morning person. Generally, I’m in bed by 10:30 and up by 7 or 8 (with some outliers). I think the mornings are the best time, especially dusk when no ones around, everything’s quiet, and the sky’s pink. Getting up early also gives me so much more time in the day and lets me have slow mornings- my favorite thing ever. Sometimes I struggle to get up early, so here’s everything I do when I get in a rut to help me wake up early!

Mornings are the best- especially slow ones. You get to enjoy your coffee, make a great breakfast, ease into the day. Ugh. Love the morning. The sky’s pink, everything’s quiet. It’s my mission to make everyone I know a morning person. So here are my tips and habits that help me to wake up early most mornings

what works for me

The main thing that helps me to get out of bed in the morning is giving myself something to do in the morning. It’s so much easier to sleep in if you have no reason to get up! Even if the reason is taking out the garbage or working out or getting to class, I find this helps me to get myself out of bed and quit hitting snooze.

This one’s kind of a given, but getting a good amount of good sleep will help you to wake up easier. I personally don’t go to bed after midnight (even 10, I’m such an early bird), unless I’m going out the night before.

I’ve read online that it’s better to train yourself to wake up early. Meaning, if you can get up at 10 am easily now then next week try waking up at 9:45, then the following try 9:30, the 9:15, and so on.

Something I find super important→ morning routines! Remember I was talking about slow mornings? Give yourself a morning routine that takes very little brain power so it’s easy to do in the morning, when you’re basically comatose. My go to routine is to wake up and immediately go to the bathroom, wash or splash my face while I’m there, make my bed, do yoga, and start making breakfast and coffee. It’s super helpful to leave your room as soon as you wake up to get rid of the temptation to go back to bed. Because in the morning when you’re groggy (especially when it’s cold) all you want to do is crawl back into your comfy bed. I promise once you get yourself going you can fight that urge better (it’ll always be an urge though, your bed is so inviting ugh).

Don’t hit the snooze button!! This is hard. I’ve also started putting on a timer instead of a snooze..... same thing different font. Just wake up when your alarm goes off. If you know you’re going to set an alarm for an hour later then set your alarm for an hour later!

Let the light in!!! It’s daytime now, babe. So let the light flood in through the windows and help wake yourself up.

Put on music you enjoy in the morning. I find this makes the mornings more enjoyable.

Get out of the house. This is similar to getting out of your room. When I used to wake up at sunrise, I would wake up and just leave my house. I’d look like a mess and still be in my pajamas, but just would leave, put on a podcast, and go for a walk. There’s next to no one around to question your style choices and when you get back you feel alive enough to get your day started.

Many people have different sleeping schedules, so honestly the best thing to do is find a schedule that works best for you. I’d love for you to try out these ideas! And because I love the morning so much, I’ll be putting out my east, go-to breakfast recipes that’ll make your mornings that much better. Because honestly what’ll wake you up better than a good meal? I’d love to hear your advice on making it easier to get up in the morning!

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